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The Associate Experience

Savell & Williams, L.L.P. actively recruits associate attorneys with the best educational credentials directly from law schools and through lateral hiring. The opportunities to handle substantive matters independently and to develop as an attorney have enabled the firm to attract first-rate associates.

The firm strives to afford each associate experience in as many areas of practice as he or she may be interested in developing. Accordingly, associates are not assigned exclusively to any one partner, but generally work with several partners.

Savell & Williams is proud of its commitment to strong mentoring. A partner or senior associate is designated to serve as a mentor to each new associate. The mentor is charged with the responsibility of monitoring associate case loads, overseeing the training of new associates, and participating in the ongoing evaluation of the associate.

The firm supervises the associate’s professional development, ensures the quality of the associate’s work product, and schedules formal training sessions at regular intervals. Associates attend continuing legal education seminars in Atlanta and other cities at the firm’s expense. The firm associate training objective is to enable new associates to assume significant responsibility for client matters as early as possible in their careers with progressively less supervision.

Associates are encouraged to develop new clients for whom they may be primarily responsible with partner oversight. Interest in specialized areas of practice is encouraged, and firm attorneys have successfully developed toxic tort, securities litigation, and professional liability practices in recent years.

The firm is proud of the amount of information about the Partnership’s decision-making and financial performance shared with associates. The open, honest relationship between the partners and the associates is one of Savell & Williams' distinctive features.

The firm treats associates as professionals and endeavors to involve them in all aspects of the firm’s practice. Information concerning the firm’s practice is shared, and associates are involved in the decision-making process as part of their development toward partnership.

Compensation and Advancement

Initial associate compensation paid by the firm is competitive with that offered by other Atlanta firms of similar size and practice.

The firm has a pension plan and a comprehensive group hospitalization and major medical insurance plan in addition to long-term disability insurance. Dues and fees for business licensure, admissions to various courts, and professional associations are also paid by the firm.

Compensation and advancement in the firm are governed by merit rather than by a “class” or “lockstep” approach. Salary increases for all associates are considered annually based upon merit and are incorporated in the firm’s proud tradition of annual reviews for all attorneys.

Hiring Criteria

Associates who have objectively demonstrated their abilities in their law studies by class rank, participation in Law Review, Moot Court, or other significant qualifying experience are generally considered the prime candidates for employment at Savell & Williams. The firm prides itself, however, in not applying artificial barriers and strict statistics in making hiring decisions. All highly-motivated and enthusiastic interested persons are encouraged to apply.

Because the nature of the firm’s practice and its management philosophy encourage new associates to assume significant responsibility for client matters early in their careers, the firm seeks individuals with an interest in litigation and a unique combination of demonstrated intellectual ability, sound judgment, and personal integrity. Each candidate is evaluated on the basis of personal qualities and relevant experience as well as significant academic achievement.

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