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Automobile Liability

Savell & Williams prides itself on a strong and growing contingent of experienced attorneys who successfully defend cases arising from automobile accidents. The firm defends claims related to personal vehicle collisions and commercial trucking accidents. With eminently-qualified attorneys and superior resources, Savell & Williams provides top-notch defense strategies for today’s automobile liability legal landscape.

Premises Liability

Savell & Williams is home to an aggressive and impressive group of attorneys with the experience and knowledge to defend a wide variety of premises liability claims. Our attorneys have developed expertise in defending slip and fall cases, negligent inspection and maintenance claims, and claims involving allegations of negligent security. The firm handles all aspects of the defense of claims against personal and business interests, including but not limited to breaches of fiduciary duty, fraud, nuisance, and mistaken detention and apprehension by security personnel.

General Liability Defense

A major focus of Savell & Williams legal practice is defense of civil liability claims. Since its founding in 1952, the firm has continuously provided top-notch legal defense service to both individuals and businesses in cases arising from a wide variety of legal claims. The firm’s liability practice continues to thrive and grow along with our stable of highly-qualified and vastly-experienced attorneys who provide the finest legal service and client communication in Atlanta.

Workers' Compensation and Employment Law

Savell & Williams, L.L.P. has a well-respected, state-wide workers’ compensation practice primarily focused on the representation of employers, insurers, and servicing agents. Clients of the firm in this arena range from small businesses to some of the largest employers and insurers in the state of Georgia and the nation. Our top-notch attorneys counsel clients before litigation arises and at ever stage of a workers’ compensation claim, beginning with the claim's inception and including trials before Administrative Law Judges and various appellate levels up to the Georgia Supreme Court.

The firm also assists clients with related employment issues that arise under the Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employee policies and procedures, and unemployment compensation. Clients rely on our advice for early intervention before taking personnel actions, including work-place violence precautions. The firm frequently represents employers in defending EEOC claims from the initial written response through mediation and defense of any litigation arising out of such claims.

Insurance Contract and Coverage Law

Savell & Williams, L.L.P. handles insurance contract cases such as coverage and premium disputes, declaratory judgment actions, and first-party actions. Many of our clients retain the firm to pursue subrogation claims in a variety of insurance cases.

Products Liability

In keeping with the growth and change in the area of products liability, attorneys with Savell & Williams have tried cases involving many types of products, from prescription medicine and fireplaces to children’s toys and motor vehicles. Food contamination, manufacturing defects, materials defects, and chemical exposure are only a few of the many types of products liability claims our firm has successfully defended.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

All members of the firm participate in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and the mediation of disputed cases in all areas of litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution is one of the fast-growing areas of the law, and our attorneys bring a wealth of experience to the table in each and every instance that ADR is employed. Several members of our firm are also certified neutrals capable of serving our clients and the legal community as mediators.

Commercial Litigation and Bankruptcy

Savell & Williams, L.L.P. represents clients in commercial matters ranging from commercial transaction closings to the litigation of contractual disputes. The firm also provides representation in litigation arising from asset-based lending and leasing operations, including bankruptcy.


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